Why You Need A Renaissance Dental !!!

I you know I Renaissance Dental  always think about  we build a tree so we build the trunk of  the tree which is the responsible party that you know the sort of foundation and  then we put a branch on there which might be the policyholder and then we add leaves to that tree which are the  patients so.

It’s an easy way to look at it but the the none of which have to be patients so you could have policy  holders you could have responsible party soon you could have you know you could actually have four policyholders in the  system.

You know primary secondary primary Renaissance Dental  secondary and then just have the kids attached to it right right okay awesome great so that helps a lot with  that yeah so again I I love looking this report because again not a real office.

But I’ve only seen one patient in the last months in this practice so that’s really sad practice but we charge them a million dollars so we’re doing okay but this is a this is a perfect example of when you’re looking at the number of patients.

Who are actually coming Renaissance Dental in and the number of patients that the system says are active that’s  where you’re starting to see some real differences in numbers okay that’s awesome and so with this there’s a couple things that.

I know that I pulled out of this just when it comes to like marketing when it comes to calling overdue  patients when it calls like reactivation so this is a great place to go to see how your practice is doing and to proactively decide what you’re going to be working on to try to increase the practice correct oh yeah and and you know if you from a marketing standpoint more details Renaissance Dental