I’m going to show you how to pretty disgusting so you can see all of hug in between the teeth and on the tea and so what I’m going to do first is brush my teeth and just with the electric toothbrush I won’t show you this and then I’ll show.

You how it PORTABLE WATERPIK  looks after I’ve brushed my teeth you can see when you brush your teeth it doesn’t actually remove the plaque from immunity so that’s why you still need to floss and/or use TP brushes or use an air floss something to get in between.

                                        PORTABLE WATERPIK

The teeth to remove the plaque my teeth with an electric toothbrush is actually done a pretty good job and removed most of the plat but there’s still some areas around the bottom in between the teeth and at the top round in between.

The teeth and I’ve still got PORTABLE WATERPIK a bit of pink fair so we’ll see if you can get all of that off with the air flosser so how to use it and so I said you press this button switch it on and then you’ve got this button here and when you press it there’s a burst of water and air donate this can see that and if you keep your finger on.

it’s continuous so probably do a couple of bursts in between each each tooth no dividing line so you just stick the nozzle in between the teeth like that then press it okay you you so he feels like it’s running out the tank is quite small so.

PORTABLE WATERPIK  If you’re doing a few birds it’d probably have to refill it again subsequently five so let’s a look most most of the pink is gone it’s like still too little areas that are filled pink so I can’t get off of this again still pink so I’m just going to use some floss to come get my last feel after I floss was able to get rid of all the pink and so