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dental insurance no waiting period need already to survive and thrive we have ancient wisdom we have instinctive knowledge that is hardwired into our evolved DNA and in the lioness story anybody.

Who’s had a house cat or a kitten dental insurance no waiting period at their home will know they know this to be true a kitten if a butterfly you know flies by release blows by in the wind the kitten doesn’t have to go to its mother and learn seven steps to know .

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period

What to do with that butterfly it’s going to chase it whether there’s a mother around or not it’s born with the instinct to do that thing that will help it thrive and humans are the same way we are born with this but we have forgotten it ruled the Lions world and all of those primates and all.

The big cats and and most mammals it there they live their life by this intuitive voice that helps them make decisions right on time and the right decisions almost always it helps them know how to communicate flawlessly and we have.

That same instinct powerfully but we we also have something they don’t have which is this great big egoic mind and our minds are so highly developed that we actually argue with the instinct we’ve gotten really good at ignoring it we’ve gotten really good at subjugating it and pushing it aside and and .

We have lost one of the greatest gifts that were born with and that’s this intuitive wisdom so why that matters to dentistry why it matters to our subject today Naren is that in the past when people talk communications and they taught leadership .

They taught these things it was all about going out there to learn something going out there to get a script so you’d know how to talk on the phone well or going out there to memorize a speech so you’d be a great speaker from the stage going out there to get it to do.