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ameritas dental will give the caveat that I’m giving this answer but the assumption that there is some degree of retirement ameritas dental savings going on already once you’ve laid down that foundation the rest is choose-your-own-adventure quick personal story to close this out so I’m actually grappling with a very similar question.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

I recently hired a financial advisor for the first time in my life I decided that I wanted to hire a certified financial planner somebody who is not familiar with my podcast somebody who doesn’t know me who can just provide detached third-party advice and can spot .

My blind spots and call me out on any major things that I’m overlooking and so for various reasons I have to refinance two rental properties and so he and I were talking about that I was showing him a statement of my net worth a spreadsheet that I have and I technically have the cash or specifically have the liquidity including money .

That’s in taxable brokerage accounts I have the ability to completely pay off one of the properties I could hold it free and clear in order to do so I would have to sell off some investments I would have to realize some gains

There’d be tax consequences to that but I could do it that’s an option so I showed him that spreadsheet and his recommendation to me he said you know what don’t do that hold on to your cash hold on to your investments and just .

Take out another loan refinance that mortgage that way you can focus your cash on future growth you can focus it on reinvesting back into afford anything or buying additional rental properties you’ll focus on that and so .

I said yeah cool yeah I see the value in that and I had a long a phone call about a week later with a mortgage broker we talked through